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Da Vinci Code puzzles on Google!

Posted by austinburns on April 17, 2006

I'm really excited about Google's partnership with the Da Vinci Code movie! (link)

Apparantly, they're rolling out a new puzzle each day over the next 24 days, with each increasing in difficulty. It just started today, and the first one was not too bad. Kind of like a mini-symbol-sudoku with a twist. Plus, grand prize is a trip to France!

If you're planning on following along, you need to have a Google ID, as all your progress is saved through Google's personalized homepage (which I don't really use, but I will keep it up for this contest.

I love puzzles and am anticipating some really hard ones! 


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Best street sign … ever!

Posted by austinburns on March 10, 2006

Best street sign … ever!
Originally uploaded by imafungi1.

Saw this sign at the 2006 Zora Neale Hurston Festival, although this sign is always there in Eatonville.

Bottom line: Don't smoke. It'll make you wear denim jean jackets with too short sleeves and wear your hair in a half-ponytail, and you'll put on different ridiculous earrings. So, don't smoke.

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Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?

Posted by austinburns on February 22, 2006

Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?:

Specifically, the Ayer study stressed the need to strengthen the association in the public's mind of diamonds with romance. Since "young men buy over 90% of all engagement rings" it would be crucial to inculcate in them the idea that diamonds were a gift of love: the larger and finer the diamond, the greater the expression of love. Similarly, young women had to be encouraged to view diamonds as an integral part of any romantic courtship.

Crazy article detailing the De Beers diamond cartel and their plans to influence the "social attitudes of the public at large and thereby channel American spending toward larger and more expensive diamonds instead of 'competitive luxuries.'"

Pretty crafty.

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Monster Ballads

Posted by austinburns on January 24, 2006

Watching late night infomercials will make you contemplate buying something you never would have at a more reasonable time of evening.

That being said, the double CD Monster Ballads should start and end with More Than Words by Extreme. If you had to fit in a second song, it should be To Be With You by Mr. Big.

One song per CD sounds good to me.

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