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Dave Matthews Band Live at West Palm Beach!

Posted by austinburns on August 13, 2006

Awesome two shows at West Palm Beach for the Dave Matthews Band! Highlights include a Proudest Monkey >> Satellite, and the last half of the first night. Last Stop, Pig, Can’t Stop, Crush, Everyday, Ants Marching. Nice way to close.

The second night was good, too. JTR, Grey Street, Break Free, Bayou, Jimi Thing, So Much to Say >> Anyone Seen the Bridge? >> Too Much. Too Much has a great little ditty in the middle when the horn section slows everything down. Encore with Sister and American Baby Intro >> Two Step.

The only complaint was how hot it was. I started up a nice Two Step chant after Sister finished and the rest of the band was walking back on stage. It looks like it was already on the setlist, though, so I don’t think I swayed the band.

Our last show is also the band’s last show. Charlottesville, VA on Sept. 23. Can’t wait.


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