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Ramifications of the Bush “shit”

Posted by austinburns on July 18, 2006

So we all know that President Bush dropped the “s” word (no, not “shut up”) in casual conversation with PM Blair at the G8 Summit in Russia. What I find odd is the various censorship/lack of censorship over the president’s usage of the word. For instance, the Orlando Sentinel printed the word without censorship. However, I cannot find a printing of the word online. The Daily Show, however, allowed the audio to go uncensored, but censored the caption that accompanied the video. CNN and BBC News have also published the word uncensored.
Why is this utterance allowed to go uncensored while Jon Stewart can’t say it without a bleep? Is the president uncensored only because he’s the president?

I have no problem with the president cursing. In fact, I wish he would do it more often. Many situations in this modern world require cursing. Israel and Hezbollah blowing each other up is such a situation. I, too, wish that something could be done to stop that shit.

We will likely not hear very many criticisms of Bush’s speech by the conservatives. If this had been Clinton or Gore or Kerry, we probably wouldn’t have heard the end of it. Why do we tolerate moral posturing?


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