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The Break-Up

Posted by austinburns on June 7, 2006

The Break-Up

Wow. This movie is NOT a romantic comedy. Even though it is marketed as such, this movie will surprise you. I wouldn't really call it romantic, and a good part of the time is not comedic, either. This movie is brutally real. I have heard the conversations before from first-hand experience. The title of the movie is very appropriate. This movie is about a Break-Up. Plain and simple.

Vince Vaughn is hilarious. He is at his funniest (I'd say) since Swingers. Vincent D'Onofrio is inspired casting as Vaughn's brother. Jon Favreau is really good as his friend. Jason Bateman is good in the few scenes he's in as the couple's realtor. Jennifer Anniston is suprisingly strong in this movie. Joey Lauren Adams is her best friend and is either a psychologist or just someone who reads nothing but self-help books. Justin Long is great as a receptionist at Anniston's job.

The screenwriters did a good job, and I read that Vaughn had a story credit, so kudos to him. The director was Peyton Reed, who also directed Down With Love, another good "romantic comedy."

All in all, a pretty brutal movie, very funny, and very real.



2 Responses to “The Break-Up”

  1. Yeah, instead ot romantic comedy I called it reality comedy. Those fights rang true. I also appreciated the ending – I like to be surprised.

  2. imafungi1 said

    I agree, the ending was a shocker. Good, though.

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