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Thoughts on the State of the Union

Posted by austinburns on January 31, 2006

First thoughts …

I like how Bush gave Cheney a copy of the speech as if the VP has no clue what's going to be said.

Started off with a mini-eulogy on Mrs. King. (Something he never would have commented on on public television had it not been the SOTU.)

"Tonight the State of our Union is strong"? (We are at our most divided state in a looong time.)

Call against isolationism. Continue to be the world economic leader, open trade. (Why is our currency falling against the Euro and Pound?)

Democracy replaces terror with hope and fosters a respect for our neighbors. (I guess he's got his fingers crossed on Hamas.)

Half the population under democracy, we don't forget the other half. (He didn't even mention China! They've got a third of the population by themselves.)

He calls Islam a noble faith. (I seriously doubt that he thinks that.)

Straight into the camera: "We love our freedom, and we will fight to keep it." (He says it with such a lack of conviction and a blank stare on his face. No anger, no passion. Full of bullshit.)

No peace or honor in retreat. We won't retreat from evil. (Troop reductions, however, are allright.)

America rejects the false comfort in isolationism. (We can never be truly isolationist.)

He claims a clear plan for victory in Iraq.
1. Building army & police
2. Restructure economy
3. Strike terrorist targets
(Well, one out of three ain't bad.)

Troop reduction decisions made by military commanders, not politicians. (That actually sounds like a good idea.)

Seeking good advice from both parties? (That's new to me.)

Second guessing not a strategy.

Now he's reading a letter from a solider to his family. (This is shit. All this does is pander. This has nothing to do with the State of the Union. He might as well have said this on Oprah. He picks one solider's family to sit behind the First Lady. How do you pick one out of 2,000 to represent all solider's killed?)

Supports broad democracy and supports election. (We'll see how this goes with Hamas' new win. He calls for Hamas to recognize Israel (they've said they wouldn't), disarm (doubtful), and work for peace. What happens when people elect terror? What happens when a democratic people elect extremists? They have the right to choose. They choose terror.)

Speaking out against Iran, blah, blah, blah. (If he doesn't talk about decreasing our dependence on oil, then he is implicitly supporting Iranian crazies. We will be dependant on them for oil.)

Now he's speaking to the Iranian people. (Speech renamed State of the Iranian Union.)

Defending his wiretapping policy. "We will not sit back and wait to be hit again." (What the president doesn't realize is that nobody wants him to stop wiretapping. We just want him to get a fucking warrant when he does it.)

More about isolationsim. (Is anyone advocating isolationism? I hadn't heard.)

(Policies against isolationism are one thing, but unilateral first strikes are another.)

Talking about the economy. (Talks about more money in the hands of the people, yet our savings-to-income rate is negative for the first time since the Depression.)

Wanting to make the tax cuts permanent gets cheers and boos.

Still on track to cut deficit in half by 2009. (We'll see.)

"Congress did not act on my proposal to save Social Security." Democrats cheer. Bush then flubs his next line. Classic.

"With open markets and a level playing field, no one can outproduce the American worker." (I think many countries workers are harder working than Americans. We're lazy.)

America will be competitive with affordable health care. Claims America is meeting responsibility of providing care to poor and elderly. (We're still a long way off.)

Now he regurgitating some lines from his radio addresses.

Asks Congress to pass medical liability reform this year.

Here we go … Energy.

Americans addicted to oil, which comes from unstable parts of the world.

Advance Energy Initiative
1. change how we power homes: cold fire plants, wind and solar energy, and clean, safe nuclear energy.
2. change how we power automobiles: better batteries for hybrids, hydrogen cells, better sources for ethanol. make ethanol competitive in 6 years.

Replace 75% of oil imports by 2025.

Move past oil dependency. (This is something I can stand behind. Hopefully, he can put his money where is mouth is.)

Firm grounding in math and science important for our competitiveness.

Lots of talk about technology research, nothing about medical research (stem cells, anyone?)

Encourage children to take more math and science. Make sure courses are tough enough to be on par with rest of world. (This is very much needed.)

Pass legislation against cloning, animal-human hybrids (??), and selling embryos. Every life is gift from Creator (at least he didn't say God). Life should never be discarded or destroyed. (That was a big shout out to Iraqi, Afghani, or Pakistani civillians.)

$85 billion to Gulf Coast.

End waiting list for AIDS medicine in America.

Working with churches and faith-based organizations to eradicate all new infections of HIV/AIDS in America. (Good luck with that.)


What I really don't like about this guy is that he's so hard to believe. He's just reading words up there. It didn't seem like he meant much of anything he said. He's a horrible speech giver. He does nothing to motivate me at all. Democrats really need a strong alternative or this country will continue to spiral into dischord.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on the State of the Union”

  1. Sugardaddy said

    sorry but it sounds like if Jesus was standing next to W and he announced the second coming you wouldn’t like it because it was W. as a libertarian i aint too fond of the guy and my impression of the speech was it was a very bland noncontroversial speech. bored me more than the one where bill took a stance on morals.
    we got him because a bunch of voted for him. quite frankly i am glad he was in charge at the time of the 9/11 disaster (al would have postured) but he aint perfect. just please don’t paint it all as bad because it came from one of the most polarizing figures since Nixon.

  2. Austin said

    I didn’t think it was all bad. I’m for his energy policy and for military commanders being in charge of troop reduction.

    I’m just a little leary of his intentions. I would like to see him follow up on some of these initiatives, rather than just say them and let them be.

    Thanks for your comment! How did you find my blog?

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