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Thoughts on the Golden Globes …

Posted by austinburns on January 16, 2006

Best Supporting Actor in a Movie Drama went to George Clooney winning for Syriana was good. I fully agree with this pick.

Best Supporting Actress in a Movie Drama went to Rachel Weisz winning for The Constant Gardner was OK, I would have gone with Frances McDormand for North Country, however.

Best Actor in a TV Comedy went to Steve Carrell! Woo-hoo! I'm just glad it wasn't Charlie Sheen. Also, probably the best speech of the night.

Best Actress in a Movie, Comedy/Musical went to Reese Witherspoon for Walk the Line. The best choice and the right choice. She is hereby forgiven for the Legally Blonde movies. A close second in my mind would have been Laura Linney in The Squid and the Whale.

Best Actress in a TV Comedy went to Mary Louise Parker for Weeds!!!!! That's awesome! She shut out the four Desperate Housewives who were also nominated! Plus, she's hotter than the Housewives, too. She's an awesome actress, too. Go see Angels in America if you haven't yet.

Best Screenplay for a Movie went to Brokeback Mountain. Such a good movie. All the nominees were good in this one. Good Night, and Good Luck or Munich could have easily won. Brokeback is THE best, however.

Best TV Series, Comedy went to Desperate Housewives. What a crock! My Name is Earl should have won. Even Curb Your Enthusiasm is better.

Best Director for a Movie went to Brokeback Mountain. Very deservedly. Ang Lee deserves it more than anyone else. Clooney, Jackson, and Spielberg all did well, too.

Best Actor in a Movie, Comedy/Musical went to Joaquin Phoenix for Walk the Line. I was really pulling for Jeff Daniels for The Squid and the Whale for this, but Joaquin did an awesome job, and it was really good to see Joaquin and Reese both win their categories. I do have to agree, who'd of thunk the Joaquin Phoenix would ever win a comedy/musical award?

Best Movie, Comedy/Musical went to Walk the Line. Again, pulling for The Squid and the Whale, but Walk the Line was awesome. It swept Best Actor, Actress, and Movie in the Comedy/Musical section. AWESOME!

Best Actress in a Movie, Drama went to Felicity Huffman for Transamerica, a movie I really want to see. I would have liked to have seen Maria Bello win, since I've liked her for a while, and I really really want to see A History of Violence.

Best Actor in a Movie, Drama went to Phillip Seymour Hoffman! He deserves every award he's ever been nominated for. I really want to see Capote, but haven't had the chance yet. Heath Ledger and David Striathairn were both awesome as well.

Best Movie, Drama went to Brokeback Mountain, of course! Definitely deserves it. No doubt about it. See my earlier post for reasons why. Best movie of the year. The more I think about it, the better it gets. Awesome.

Well, that wraps it up! Overall, a good broadcast. Good in the beginning, slow in the middle, and picked up towards the end. But, that's every awards show. Everyone in good spirits. Some funny speeches. Didn't go over time at all. I give it a B+ overall.


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