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Thoughts on the State of the Union

Posted by austinburns on January 31, 2006

First thoughts …

I like how Bush gave Cheney a copy of the speech as if the VP has no clue what's going to be said.

Started off with a mini-eulogy on Mrs. King. (Something he never would have commented on on public television had it not been the SOTU.)

"Tonight the State of our Union is strong"? (We are at our most divided state in a looong time.)

Call against isolationism. Continue to be the world economic leader, open trade. (Why is our currency falling against the Euro and Pound?)

Democracy replaces terror with hope and fosters a respect for our neighbors. (I guess he's got his fingers crossed on Hamas.)

Half the population under democracy, we don't forget the other half. (He didn't even mention China! They've got a third of the population by themselves.)

He calls Islam a noble faith. (I seriously doubt that he thinks that.)

Straight into the camera: "We love our freedom, and we will fight to keep it." (He says it with such a lack of conviction and a blank stare on his face. No anger, no passion. Full of bullshit.)

No peace or honor in retreat. We won't retreat from evil. (Troop reductions, however, are allright.)

America rejects the false comfort in isolationism. (We can never be truly isolationist.)

He claims a clear plan for victory in Iraq.
1. Building army & police
2. Restructure economy
3. Strike terrorist targets
(Well, one out of three ain't bad.)

Troop reduction decisions made by military commanders, not politicians. (That actually sounds like a good idea.)

Seeking good advice from both parties? (That's new to me.)

Second guessing not a strategy.

Now he's reading a letter from a solider to his family. (This is shit. All this does is pander. This has nothing to do with the State of the Union. He might as well have said this on Oprah. He picks one solider's family to sit behind the First Lady. How do you pick one out of 2,000 to represent all solider's killed?)

Supports broad democracy and supports election. (We'll see how this goes with Hamas' new win. He calls for Hamas to recognize Israel (they've said they wouldn't), disarm (doubtful), and work for peace. What happens when people elect terror? What happens when a democratic people elect extremists? They have the right to choose. They choose terror.)

Speaking out against Iran, blah, blah, blah. (If he doesn't talk about decreasing our dependence on oil, then he is implicitly supporting Iranian crazies. We will be dependant on them for oil.)

Now he's speaking to the Iranian people. (Speech renamed State of the Iranian Union.)

Defending his wiretapping policy. "We will not sit back and wait to be hit again." (What the president doesn't realize is that nobody wants him to stop wiretapping. We just want him to get a fucking warrant when he does it.)

More about isolationsim. (Is anyone advocating isolationism? I hadn't heard.)

(Policies against isolationism are one thing, but unilateral first strikes are another.)

Talking about the economy. (Talks about more money in the hands of the people, yet our savings-to-income rate is negative for the first time since the Depression.)

Wanting to make the tax cuts permanent gets cheers and boos.

Still on track to cut deficit in half by 2009. (We'll see.)

"Congress did not act on my proposal to save Social Security." Democrats cheer. Bush then flubs his next line. Classic.

"With open markets and a level playing field, no one can outproduce the American worker." (I think many countries workers are harder working than Americans. We're lazy.)

America will be competitive with affordable health care. Claims America is meeting responsibility of providing care to poor and elderly. (We're still a long way off.)

Now he regurgitating some lines from his radio addresses.

Asks Congress to pass medical liability reform this year.

Here we go … Energy.

Americans addicted to oil, which comes from unstable parts of the world.

Advance Energy Initiative
1. change how we power homes: cold fire plants, wind and solar energy, and clean, safe nuclear energy.
2. change how we power automobiles: better batteries for hybrids, hydrogen cells, better sources for ethanol. make ethanol competitive in 6 years.

Replace 75% of oil imports by 2025.

Move past oil dependency. (This is something I can stand behind. Hopefully, he can put his money where is mouth is.)

Firm grounding in math and science important for our competitiveness.

Lots of talk about technology research, nothing about medical research (stem cells, anyone?)

Encourage children to take more math and science. Make sure courses are tough enough to be on par with rest of world. (This is very much needed.)

Pass legislation against cloning, animal-human hybrids (??), and selling embryos. Every life is gift from Creator (at least he didn't say God). Life should never be discarded or destroyed. (That was a big shout out to Iraqi, Afghani, or Pakistani civillians.)

$85 billion to Gulf Coast.

End waiting list for AIDS medicine in America.

Working with churches and faith-based organizations to eradicate all new infections of HIV/AIDS in America. (Good luck with that.)


What I really don't like about this guy is that he's so hard to believe. He's just reading words up there. It didn't seem like he meant much of anything he said. He's a horrible speech giver. He does nothing to motivate me at all. Democrats really need a strong alternative or this country will continue to spiral into dischord.


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The Aristocrats

Posted by austinburns on January 30, 2006

I just watched most of the special features on The Aristocrats DVD, and I couldn't stop laughing. The Aristocrats is a celebration of free speech. There's not one scene of violence or one scene of sex (unless you think Phyllis Diller's bare arms sexy). The only thing in this movie is dirty, dirty language, and good discussion on why that language is so dirty.

The special features include much extended footage culled from the 140 hours of footage the directors shot.

Great movie with a great message (once you get past all the shit jokes).


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A few thoughts on the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards

Posted by austinburns on January 29, 2006

I came home in the middle of this, so here are a couple of post-show thoughts …

Crash for Best Ensemble in a Motion Picture. They should have renamed this the Terrance Howard and Ludacris award. They were in Crash and Hustle & Flow. I guess this was a good win. I would have liked to see Good Night, and Good Luck win this one.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Best Actor, Capote. I REALLY need to see this one! Dammit!

Reese Witherspoon for Best Actress, Walk the Line. I agree with this one. She owned that movie!

Paul Giamatti for Best Supporting Actor, Cinderella Man. Haven't seen it, but it's good to see Paul Giamatti win. He seems so humble, and it's always good to recognize the guy who doesn't think he's that good when he is that good.

Rachel Weisz for Best Supporting Actress, The Constant Gardener. Again! A Golden Globe and now a SAG award? I guess both the foreign press and her fellow actors liked the performance.

Desperate Housewives for Best Ensemble, TV Comedy. Ugh. There were at least three other nominees better than DH. Curb Your Enthusiasm, My Name Is Earl, and especially Arrested Development should have won.

Lost for Best Ensemble, TV Drama. Again, I don't watch much drama, so good for Lost.

Sean Hayes for Best Actor, TV Comedy, Will & Grace. Are you fucking kidding me? What has Sean Haynes done with this character this season that he didn't do in the first half of the first season? Not a damn thing. Give the award to Jason Lee.

Felicity Huffman for Best Actress, TV Comedy, Desperate Housewives. I guess I can stomach this one. It's a crappy show, but she's the best actress on it.

Keifer Sutherland for Best Actor, TV Drama, 24. Haven't seen any of the shows, so congratulations, Keifer.

Sandra Oh for Best Actress, TV Drama, Grey's Anatomy. This was good. I would have liked to see Mariska Hargitay win for SVU, but oh well.

Paul Newman for Best Actor, TV Movie, Empire Falls. Didn't see any of them.

S. Epatha Merkerson for Best Actress, TV Movie, Lackawanna Blues. She's awesome. I love her. She deserves to win.

That was all of them! I only saw the last 45 minutes, but they seemed pretty good. I like the award shows where everyone is sitting at tables and drinking. They are more fun.

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My first drunk experience

Posted by austinburns on January 28, 2006

Originally uploaded by imafungi1.

Well, I've done it. I can no longer say I've never been drunk. And I've got The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to thank for that. I won a $75 gift card to Chili's because I entered to win a couch (didn't get the couch). So I went to Chili's with some friends and my girlfriend convinced me to get a drink. Of course it was 2-for-1, and from what I hear, Long Islands are pretty strong.

Now, I didn't get wasted, just feeling good. All in all, it was a good time! Thanks to everyone who came!

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Strawberry Shortcake

Posted by austinburns on January 27, 2006

Strawberry Shortcake
Originally uploaded by imafungi1.

I found this in a Big Kids Meal (that my girlfriend got).

Lip gloss (that burns your lips) comes out of her hat and she has a clip for backpacks!

Bonus! She smells like strawberries!


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Another cool picture

Posted by austinburns on January 27, 2006

Originally uploaded by imafungi1.

This is another cool picture (hopefully). They taped up this light outside my apartment becuase they're painting the building. I thought it made the light look cool. It made the hallway look a little cooler, at least.


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Showtime the only network interested in getting “Arrested”

Posted by austinburns on January 24, 2006

TV Gal – Showtime's "Arrested" developments…: "*Update: Saturday, ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson told reporters that ABC, said to have come a-courting along with Showtime, had no intentions of picking up 'Arrested.'"

I guess it's Showtime or nothing.

Guess I'll have to get Showtime now. Well, I have been meaning to watch Weeds, so I guess it's all going to work out.

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Posted by austinburns on January 24, 2006

Originally uploaded by imafungi1.

Here's my second picture in my (hopefully) regular series. I took this at work when I was bored.

Look! There I am in Florida!

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Monster Ballads

Posted by austinburns on January 24, 2006

Watching late night infomercials will make you contemplate buying something you never would have at a more reasonable time of evening.

That being said, the double CD Monster Ballads should start and end with More Than Words by Extreme. If you had to fit in a second song, it should be To Be With You by Mr. Big.

One song per CD sounds good to me.

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Posted by austinburns on January 23, 2006

Originally uploaded by imafungi1.

I'm going to try to take an interesting picture with my camera phone every day. We'll see how far this goes. Since I didn't see anything cool today, this is a picture from a while ago. Hopefully, this will make me keep an eye out for creative things where I wouldn't normally see them.

Orangina is the coolest name for a drink ever! Even better as a negative image!

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